The Crow Speaks!

Hello.  Winter is blowing frosty gusts over the nighttime hills.  Exciting new adventures in permaculture education are slated for the upcoming season of budswell.  I have decided to join the rest of my machine-bound generation and create an online information dump for the bulk of my uncivilized activities.

Herein will be posted information on the permaculture design courses I will be teaching, as well as such musings and ramblings as emerge from my wanderings in the sandstone and piñon countryside.  It is not without a deep sense of irony that I embark upon the discussion of such fleshly matters as hide-tanning, tree-planting, squirrel-eating, trail-losing, cloud-watching, basket-weaving, and ecological education in an electronic form distinctly distant from human sensory experience.  Would that there were a world-wide web of bonfires, talking sticks, and crotchety old men.

Nevertheless, winter is coming into his house.  The snow stays in pockets until mid-day, the doves huddle closer in the ponderosa boughs, the northern hemisphere is entering its sleeping time.  Now we tell stories.

Welcome aboard, in this season of stories and wind.

– Ben


3 Responses to “The Crow Speaks!”

  1. Even if words tend to fall short of the mark in depicting life experience, I can say that having read the above, my imagination has been struck and I do in fact have quite a sense of what you describe.
    Thanks for starting this up, it is more of an artistic rendering of your life. Poetry is such, and I look forward to your translations of your continuing ventures.

  2. Nancy Hair Says:

    This is an inspiration on many levels. I don’t think it’s ridiculous that you’re teaching English, unless the ridiculous part is that the students don’t want to read, which is just another of many sad commentaries on our world. Thanks for putting the time in to do this site. It’s bookmarked and I’m all ears.


  3. As you’ve already covered the eloquent side of the story, I’d like to leave a loud and janky FUCK YEAH! Inspiring, beautiful, essential – even filtered through cyberspace: thank you for sharing your journey. Looking forward to your exciting return to the Sierras and the endless crossing of our paths to come. May the long nights bring long and telling dreams…

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