New Course Announced for Flagstaff

I’ll be teaching a full-ish permaculture design course this summer, here in Flagstaff.  The course will run from mid-June until the beginning of August.  For information, check out the course page here.

Note that, unlike an officially accredited PDC (Permaculture Design Course) this course will not culminate in an actual permaculture design certificate, not that that should stop anyone from applying these skills.  This course, while it covers most of the same ground as a conventional PDC, is a couple hours shy of the 72-80 required for an accredited certificate.  The decision to teach a shorter, one-day-a-week course, rather than a full, on-site intensive was made based on a burgeoning local interest in home-scale and neighborhood-scale permaculture, rather than a desire to practice permaculture design for hire or build intentional communities from the ground up.  As such, the course will be geared more towards the home gardener than the prospective landscape contractor or ecovillage matriarch.  For those interested in certification, a full PDC will be offered this summer through NAU (link pending official course announcement).

I’m also rather excited about the economic model the folks at Taala Hooghan and I have come up with.  There will be a small initial registration fee, on a sliding scale and quite a bit less than a course like this would usually cost, just in order to cover the course materials.  At the end of the course, participants are invited to donate as much as the time was worth to them.  All proceeds go to the Taala Hooghan Infoshop to defray the costs of their recent change in locations, as well as to build up the new community garden they’re starting.  We’ll see if folks are willing to pay for something after they’ve received it, but I’m fairly optimistic.  Recent developments, like Panera’s voluntary bakeries, seem to suggest that, at least in some communities, people are willing to embrace different economic models than bog-standard screw-everyone capitalism.  We’ll see.


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