Permaculture & Suburban Ecology Workshops in Maryland

October 23rd & October 31st

9:00 AM – 1:00 PM

114 Claybrook Drive, Silver Spring, MD

Recommended donation: $10 – $30
No-one will be turned away for want of funds.

Note: This is one workshop, repeated twice.  Both dates will feature the same workshop.

The focus of this workshop is the mid-Atlantic suburban environment, and its intersection with the landscape-covering woodlands of the past, the marginal woodlands of the present, and the potential mosaic woodlands of the future. We’ll apply the tools of permaculture design to the circumstances of suburbia, a landscape with ample green-space and great potential for biodiversity, food production, and sustainable community. Undergirding all of this are the skills of nature observation that allow us to bridge the gulf between our lives and the wild land.

The first half of the workshop will involve observation and pattern recognition skills, as well as some practical woodland ecology. We’ll work on expanding the scope and range of our senses, moving silently through the woods, learning to interpret the voices of birds and the traces left behind by animals in their passing, and finding ways to connect with our home ecosystem.

The second half of the workshop will be centered on permaculture design skills, and applying what we can learn from the wild to the human-inhabited world. The assorted principles of permaculture design will be introduced and applied to a variety of design challenges. We’ll investigate the flow of energy and material through a landscape, work with slope and solar aspect, build guilds of complementary plants and animals, and learn all sorts of exciting new bits of jargon, like ‘pattern language,’ and ‘mycoremediation’. Additionally, we’ll delve into some more specific elements within suburban landscape design, such as composting systems, hedgerows, forest gardens, rainwater catchment, solar technology, wildlife corridors, and orchard-keeping.

Please bring water, comfortable clothes that can get mussed up, and something to share for a potluck lunch.


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