EoP 1: Patterns & Paths

The first class of the summer’s Elements of Permaculture course went excellently.  Thanks to all of you who made it.  As promised, here is the web component for this week’s class.  For those of you who missed it, here’s the slide-show for this week’s course, all about patterns in the natural and built environments:

Additionally, here are two videos, one from the fine folks at the Kamana Naturalist Training Program about sit spots:

…which can be found here.

And another from educator Jon Young on bird language:

Weekly Challenges

–  Find a sit spot to visit regularly throughout the course.

–  Learn three identifying characteristics (i.e. color, size, voice, etc.) for five unknown birds, then learn their names.

Recommended Reading

From the Observation section:

Patterns in Nature – Marian Farrior

Fine-Tuning the Senses – Tom Brown

Finding Your Own Bioregion – Peter Berg

Know Thyself – Albert Lee

Seeing – Annie Dillard

From the Design section:

Permaculture Principles – Bill Mollison & Reny Mia Slay

Design Projects

–  Meet with your design group and decide upon a design site.

–  Visit your design site multiple times, at different times of day.  Pay attention to how humans and non-humans use the space; note solar exposure and orientation; identify common organisms; notice how energy and materials flow through the landscape; are there any patterns that you see in the landscape or built environment?  Draw pictures and take notes!

–  Don’t start designing!  Just observe for now.


One Response to “EoP 1: Patterns & Paths”

  1. Laura Duprey Says:

    Kudos! Love this ….I will keep coming back!
    a fan in Asheville

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