EoP 3: The Skin of the World

Our third class featured guest teacher Josh Robinson, of Eden on Earth, speaking on water harvesting, and a phenomenal tour of his expertly designed and flourishing Flagstaff garden.  The indoor component of the class was all about soil and compost, the slide-show for which is below:

Weekly Challenges

–  Listen to birdsong.  Learn to identify at least five birds that frequent your home area by their song and/or call.

–  Observe the way rainwater flows through your home area.  Map out any changes you’d make in the shape of the land and in added infrastructure to best utilize that resource.

–  Keep visiting your sit spots.  Start keeping a sit spot journal, if you haven’t already.  Draw or write about what you see, hear, smell, etc. every time you visit.

Recommended Reading

From the Design section:

Connection to the Earth – Christopher Alexander, Sara Ishikawa & Murray Silverstein

From the Land section:

The Benefits of Compost – Deborah Martin & Grace Gershuny

Gram-Positive Bacteria of Soils – Betsy Dexter Dyer

Soil Fertility – Lea Harrison

Water Efficiency in the Home & Garden – PIJ

Collect Rainwater From Roofs – Guy Baldwin

Design Projects

–  Combine what you learned from your stakeholder interviews, and your time spent observing the natural processes in your site, and assemble a list of specific goals for your site.

–  Begin mapping out changes you’d make to the landscape.  Think about modifying the shape of the land to catch and store water.  Where should structures go?  Where should paths go?  What about garden beds, trees, etc?  Use P.A. Yeoman’s scale of permanence (in the Design section of the reader) as a guide.

–  Bring all maps, interview questions, design goal lists, etc. to class this coming Saturday.


One Response to “EoP 3: The Skin of the World”

  1. Hey, Ben!

    Here’s the Takoma Park Greenbuilding yahoo group I mentioned:

    I think it’d be great if you joined, sharing your website and your interests/skills.


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