EoP 5: History, Agriculture & Human Beings

This Thursday’s make-up class was sparsely, but enthusiastically attended.  This week’s slide-show may make less sense than usual on its own, as quite a bit of the content took the form of stories from a variety of oral traditions.  At some point in the future there might be a book in this material…

More detailed nutritional information about why domesticated grasses don’t make the best foodstuffs can be found through the PaNu (Paleolithic Nutrition) people.  This article is particularly good.  For another perspective on our collective history on Earth, try out this activity with some kids.

Looking forward rather than back, here’s some prognostication courtesy of permaculture co-founder David Holmgren.  The whole of the Future Scenarios website is worth checking out, as each page builds on the preceding chapters.  On a similar note, check out Dmitry Orlov’s blog.  Orlov grew up in Soviet Russia, left for North America, and then returned shortly after the collapse of the USSR.  He is perhaps most famous for drawing parallels between the USSR just prior to its dissolution and today’s USA.  Depending on what you think of the United States at the moment, he could be considered an extreme pessimist or an extreme optimist, though undoubtedly a cynic and funny as hell.

Weekly Challenges

–  Climb a tree.  Find a comfortable nook and take a nap.  Any interesting dreams?

–  Map the routines of some of the birds, mammals, insects, or other creatures around your home or sit spot who you’ve come to recognize.  Where do they spend the night?  Where are they at dawn, mid-morning, noon, late afternoon, dusk?

Recommended Reading

From the Land section:

Forests & The Atmosphere – Bill Mollison

From the Society section:

En’owkin – Jeanette Armstrong

Making Art About Centipedes – Suzi Gablik & Christopher Manes

From the History section:

The Sacred Animals of Prehistory – David Attenborough

The Butchery of the Gods – David Attenborough

The Genesis of the Universe – Jack Forbes

Design Projects

–  Finish all maps, diagrams, and other documents.  Bring all materials to the upcoming final class.


3 Responses to “EoP 5: History, Agriculture & Human Beings”

  1. […] this wound in the ancestral soul of the West came to be.  It’s important and I’ve put words and pictures to the matter before, and will again, I’m sure.  For the purposes of this essay and its […]

  2. Are you doing and Permaculture classes any more?

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