Flagstaff Area Links

Flagstaff Native Plant & Seed – A wonderful resource for northern Arizona gardeners and naturalists.  Check out Laughing Crow guest teacher Meredith Hartwell’s CSA newsletters for great gardening tips.

Eden on Earth – Chris and Josh are fine individuals and ace ecological designers.  If you’re encountering difficulties with the paucity and fickleness of rainfall in the arid Southwest, these are the fellows to call.

Arizona Native Plant Society – Expert botanists, gardeners, and knowledgeable elders holding a deep understanding of the plants of the land.  Their Tuesday evening lectures are fantastic.

Taala Hooghan Infoshop – A major center for positive activism in Flagstaff.  They have an excellent library and bookstore, and a lovely garden.

Personal Affiliates

Connor Stedman – Home of my good friend and fellow permie Connor Stedman.  Connor is operating a slew of food- and woods-related programs out of the pine barrens of western Massachusetts.

Lost Valley Educational Center – The ecovillage in the Douglas-fir and cascara groves outside of Dexter, Oregon where I got my PDC and EDE.

Think Green – A regular column edited by one of my Permaculture teachers, Melanie Rios, at the massive and sprawling All Things Healing site.

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